Tools we provide

Online learning for pattern cutting & design tools

When you register for a Fashion Express Learning online course, all the lessons will be available to you through the Online Learning Space where we will provide you with everything else you need to study with us.

Telestia Learning Methods

The lessons are based on the Telestia & AB methodologies that have been available for over 45 years and have been tested and used by thousands all over the world. They have been updated and revitalized to current learning needs, for online training through a unique multi awarded training methodology (Telestia & AB).

Online Tutor Support

An Online Tutor will be assigned to you via the FashionExpressLearning website to help you with your course. 

AB Templates

Where required you will be sent the relevant AB Template that correlate to your course. The AB Templates provided refer to the Pattern Cutting, Fashion Design and Pattern Grading courses.

1. Pattern Cutting:

  • Pattern Cutting Template AB
  • Optional Tools (Curved Ruler, Long Ruler, Flexi Ruler), need to be ordered separately.

2. Fashion Design:

  • Fashion Design Template AB

3. Pattern Grading:

  • Pattern Grading Template AB

These are basic tools you will need to enable you to draft your patterns and designs. They are constructed from highly durable materials and with care will last you for many years.