Road to Fashion

Road to Fashion

A concise online course into the world of Fashion.

Course Description

The Road to Fashion online course is an introductory module into the world of fashion and clothing. It provides an online tour for the beginner, the student, the hobbyist and those who have an interest in how the clothing industry and fashion is structured and evolves.


With illustrated examples interactive animations and videos, the user is virtually taken on a ride through the miraculous world of fashion.

Road to Fashion is divided into four sections that cover all aspects of fashion development from its prehistoric beginning to the intricate works of the Fashion Industry today:

  1. Historical and social context
  2. Thinking and working creatively
  3. Principles, process and practice
  4. Business and enterprise.

The course explores how historical developments have influenced fashion developments and trends.
Furthermore, it deals with the methodology and analysis procedures involved in developing a customer profile, or understanding current and future trends.
Road to Fashion helps you understand the processes of thinking and working creatively, insight into styling principles and properties of textile materials. It tries to give an understanding of the complex world of the Fashion Business and Enterprise.
This interactive online training module also includes a sample of the Fashion Express Collection package with ready patterns of representative styles that you can print and make out in your own measurements without any prior knowledge of garment making.

Traveling on the Road to Fashion, you will have fun discovering the background, theory and practice of the intriguing world of fashion and the clothing industry.

You will receive

When you register for the Road to Fashion course you will be given access to the Online Learning Space where you will see and study your lessons from your own location.
The course is generally hands-on and as you progress you can send your work (through the Online Learning Space) to your Online Tutor, who will monitor your progress and provide you with feedback on your work.
The courses are organized in Learning Packages that show you what to expect from each learning batch that you will study.

OPTIONAL MATERIAL: In addition to your online registration, you can continue to have access to your lessons even after the official duration of your online course. Order the online courses at a minimum price for all online students, and get limitless access to your lessons. You can do that either when you register, or at any time during your studies.

Course Information

Product Software
Course Title Road to Fashion

26 incl.: historical & social context,
design & working creatively,
clothing product development,
sector & industry structure,
business & enterprise

You will receive

Access to online learning space

Online Tutor
6 weeks
Online Access
6 weeks
All levels
Tuition fees £70.00

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