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Telestia Creator: Fashion Design Extras

CAD Fashion Design extras

Course Description

The Fashion Design CAD extras is an add-on module to the Fashion Design CAD software.
The complete Telestia Creator suite of CAD software comprises of the following joint and stand-alone modules:

  • Telestia Creator CAD Pattern Cutting
  • Telestia Creator CAD Fashion Design
  • Telestia Creator CAD Pattern Grading
  • Telestia Creator Pattern Cutting extras
  • Telestia Creator Fashion Design extras

The Fashion Design CAD extras provide additional tools in designing and presenting professional collections.
They provide rich Fashion Design libraries of garment parts, figures, storyboard themes, fabrics and prints that are prepared for you to enhance your collections.

This package includes the unique feature of designing on made to measure figures:

  • Virtual Fitting (moulage) on made to measure figures

The fashion design libraries contain either jpg files or Telestia Creator images of:

  • Parts of the garment: (36) belts, collars, cuffs, necklines, pockets
  • Styles with technical drawing: (40) blouses, skirts, trousers, dresses, jackets
  • Body figures: (23) movement, poses, men, women and children.
  • Block images: (30) to illustrate pattern block and garment design relevance.
  • Complete garment examples: (11)
  • Storyboard tools: (63) themes include animals, backgrounds, landscapes, nature and various other.

Fashion design libraries is part of the Fashion Design CAD system and is ideal for fashion designers, freelancers and clothing companies who would like to upgrade and enhance further their clothing collections.

* Special offer for all ‘Fashion Express Learning’ students at 40% discount.
Students that can claim this discount must have been registered at either one of the following courses:
Pattern Making Full Course
Womenswear Full Course
Fashion Design Full Course
Pattern Grading Full Course

Course Information

Product Software
Course Title Telestia Creator: Fashion Design Extras
1 online Session with a Tutor

Video animated lessons included

You will receive

Downloadable module

Online Tutor
Software license
Online Access
Fashion Design skills required
Tuition fees £420.00

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