About Us

Fashion Express Learning College is based in London, UK. The College  offers online distance learning training for fashion design and clothing skills. Fashion Express Learning, works closely with the Textile Institute in the UK and Creative Skills, to deliver coordinated course packages at certified levels.

Fashion Express Learning uses the unique Telestia Trainer learning materials that make distance Learning easy and effective. The Telestia Trainer learning materials are the outcomes of a longstanding, close collaboration between numerous European Universities and Training Institutions through of a series of EU co-funded project under the Leonardo da Vinci and the IST  initiatives. They embody all the knowledge and experience of  British, French, German and Greek experts in the field of Clothing and Fashion Design. The Telestia Trainer learning methodology combines an innovative approach using e-learning technologies with an effective pedagogic design. The learning materials together with the tutor support service and the possibility of an online accreditation, as provided by Fashion Express Learning, are unique, both in terms of the efficient and flexible learning process applied as well as in terms of the effective skills uptake achieved with minimum effort and use of time.

The learning materials and the tools used in the courses have been  patented and distinguished by various European and international Awards (links) for their unique approach.

Company Registration No: 07733413