Course environment – services

Simple and Easy online fashion studies

During the courses you should regard the website as a 'Virtual' Training Centre, offering the same services and support available in a 'real' training environment.

Student –Room: Online Learning Space

The Online Learning Space of Fashion Express Learning will be your personal private student area where you can:

  • Manage your Online Profile Card.
  • See your registered courses and your progress
  • View and study the class sessions for each course.
  • Download the learning packages for each learning batch you have to study.
  • Communicate with your Online Tutor.
  • Send your work and assignments.
  • Use the Illustrated Online Glossary.
  • Get special offers available to our registered users and register to new courses.
  • Access additional information and support necessary to complete your course successfully.
  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and find out more on our programme and how it works.

Learning Sessions

Learning sessions are set to help you develop and practice your acquired skills. In the Pattern Making, Fashion Design, Sewing and Pattern Grading courses each learning session requires approx. 1-2 hours of study practice and represents an important learning step and a visible increase in skills. You can view and study each learning session directly from the Online Learning Space.

Online Tutor Support

An Online Tutor will be assigned to you via the FashionExpressLearning website to help you with your course. The Online Tutor assigned to you will smooth out any difficulties you may face, and at specific times during the course monitor and evaluate your progress and make sure that you are getting the best out of the course. The  Online Tutor will:

  • Answer any questions that you may have while studying and practicing. You can direct any questions you have to your Online Tutor and expect to have them answered directly within 48 hours.
  • Answer any questions that are not addressed on the Fashion Express Learning website.
  • Send you messages regarding your progress or the development of the course.
  • Monitor your progress and evaluate your assignments and contributions.

Online Profile/Progress Card

An online profile card allows you to track your progress in the course, the modules that have been downloaded, questions asked to your tutor and remaining modules that need to be completed.

Illustrated online Glossary

Consult our online illustrated glossary on fashion design and pattern making terms.

Will the Technology be too difficult for me?

The Fashion Express Learning Courses combine an optimum mix of technologies which makes the use of the website, the Telestia learning modules and the AB tools and Templates.

  • Simple.
  • Flexible.
  • Self-explanatory.
  • Effective.

The Telestia training packages are based on simulating the processes involved in pattern making, design and production using animation, graphics and video. Very little text is used as a supplementary aid. However, if you do have any problems, there will always be an Online Tutor available to help you and answer any questions you have.

How much will I need to use the internet?

FashionExpressLearning is the online environment where you can find information about the courses, about the assignments required and the options available to you.

You will study online and need to be connected to the internet in order to view your lessons.

The official duration of each course is highlighted under ‘Online Tutor Support’ in the Fashion Express Learning website in the ‘Course Information’ card of each course.

Fashion Express Learning offers extra time to access and view your courses online.

In case you require additional time to complete your course, the online access granted for each course is almost double the official duration of the course.

If you wish to continue to have access to your lessons even after the official duration of your online access you can get the online courses in CD format, at a minimum price for all online students, and get limitless access to your lessons. You can do that either when you register, or at any time during your studies. (See optional material where available in a course)


In order to study the Fashion Express Learning courses, you will need a sewing machine and basic sewing equipment. When you register for your course you will be provided with a complete list of the items you will need but we have found from experience that you probably have most of these items already at home!

Technical Information - Computer and Internet Access

Be sure that the computer you use for the course has internet access. The Fashion Express Learning courses can be accessed online through the Internet through the FEL Online Learning Space.

You can use different terminals to view your lessons all you need is to have with you your student login details:

The minimum technical specifications required are:

  • Windows Vista/7/8/10 or
  • MAC OSX 10.6 or newer
  • Pentium 4
  • 512MB RAM
  • Internet connection
  • Graphics accelerator card

In addition, you will need 2-4 GB if you register for one of the Certified Courses and 750MB of free hard disk space if you register for one of the accredited Courses. The amount of free disk space required will be much less if you are studying one of our Sub-Courses.

This software is very easy to use, so you don't have to be a genius on the PC in order to study with us. If you can use a mouse and follow simple instructions you shouldn't have any problem, however someone is always available to help you.