Fashion Design

Fashion Design Creative course

Learn online fashion illustration and how to design for fashion creatively

Course Description

Study online and learn how to make your fashion designs more creative and inspired.
Learn through easy and modern methodologies with the use of animation and videos how to design creatively all the essential details to facilitate the realization of your ideas.

Study Fashion creation, experience the creative process of fashion design and satisfaction through an easy and clear route of learning, based on the Telestia & AB methodologies.


In this section you will learn how to create your own design collection and how to illustrate your ideas. You will learn to communicate in way that expresses  your own stylistic identity. The Fashion Design Creative course is part of the Fashion Design Full Course, but can be studied independently. You will:

  • Learn how to dress the figure in relation to shape, volume and fabric.
  •  Learn how to draw the head and face, hands, and feet, for fashion design.
  • Learn flattering or unflattering tips for different figure types to make creative fashion designs.
  • Practice drawing a great variety of  fashion accessories.
  • Master by step by step application, practical illustration tips,
  • Master the theory on shadow and perspective as well as instructions on how to illustrate a variety of either woven or knitted fabrics and prints.
  • Master step by step application of different fashion design illustration techniques to illustrate various designs lines (checks, plaids, herringbone, pied-de-coque etc).
  • Practice on examples for the development of a complete fashion collection from a single design.
  • Understand basic colour theory and its application on fashion design.
  • Study the analysis of many examples of colour application from the unique work of  Erté and from young fashion designers work.

The Fashion Design Creative online course includes the following modules:

  • Drawing the head (21 poses)
  • Drawing the hand (15 poses)
  • Drawing feet and shoes (30 poses and styles)
  • Dressing the figure (17 exercises of shape and volume)
  • Dressing the figure with a great variety of styles and fabrics using the suitable poses (24)
  • Basic design principles for fashion design and governing elements (88 examples and applications)
  • Body types for fashion design (24 examples of aesthetic rules)
  • Various accessories of different fashion looks (56 examples)
  • Hat styles (24)
  • Practice of shadow and light using the rules of perspective (17 exercises)
  • Drawing fabrics (checks, plaids, prints) (12 exercises)
  • Drawing a special fabric design on a garment (six examples of 3 step exercises)
  • Developing a fashion design collection of 27 pieces (example of a collection based on a 2-lines motif)
  • Colour theory (13 coloured examples)
  • Tools and drawing techniques (2 examples)
  • Colour composition (6 examples)
  • Pattern repeat (16 examples)
  • Colour examples (17 examples by Erté, analysis of the use of colour)
  • Using colour for fashion design with various techniques (17 examples and exercises)
  • Self-Assessment practice tests.

To be able to benefit from the Fashion Design Creative course, make sure that you have mastered the basic figure drawing skills either by studying the Fashion Design Technical course first, or by having previous experience or education that enables you to draw the body proportionately.

You will receive

When you register for the online fashion design creative course you will be given access to the Online Learning Space where you will see and study your lessons, you will also receive by post the fashion design AB template. An Online Tutor will be assigned to you to help you with your learning process. The course is generally hands-on and as you progress you can send your work (through the Online Learning Space) to your Tutor, who will monitor your progress and provide you with feedback on your work.

The courses are organized in Learning Packages that show you what to expect from each learning batch that you will study.

The course is suitable for individuals wishing to develop their fashion design creative skills for a career in fashion.

Course Information

Product Software
Course Title Fashion Design Creative course
Certificate of Attendance

59 lessons - Creative Design

You will receive

Access to online learning space and Fashion Design template AB

Online Tutor
10 weeks
Online Access
20 weeks
Graduate of Technical Fashion Design
Tuition fees £330.00

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