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CAD Software for Fashion Design Telestia Creator

Telestia Creator: Fashion Design

CAD Software for Fashion Design

Course Description

The Telestia Creator CAD for Fashion Design, allows you to digitize your own design collections with easy to use functions specifically prepared for garment design.

The complete Telestia Creator suite of CAD software comprises of the following joint and stand-alone modules:

  • Telestia Creator CAD Fashion Design
  • Telestia Creator CAD Pattern Cutting
  • Telestia Creator CAD Pattern Grading
  • Telestia Creator Pattern Cutting extras
  • Telestia Creator Fashion Design extras

The CAD software

For the first time the fashion designer and the pattern technologist will have a clear communication basis, drawn directly from the CAD system as you work.
Designing by applying the principles of Fashion Design is made easy.
Match design, pattern block, and style to produce technical drawings that help pattern makers make the correct style interpretation.
Exploit your creativity, with easy to use tools and automations to make beautiful fashion illustrations.
Models of different proportions can be used as a background guide to draw your original designs.
With the Virtual Fitting (moulage) option, create a model in any size measurements and use it as a base to draw your designs. 
Apply and fit to your design a variety of fabric prints. Design your own fabric or import and see it on your garment design.
Create your own colour styles in your own combinations.
Make modifications to existing designs and create brand new collections. 
With the eTelestia CAD Fashion Design software you will start creating right away!  
Save, store and create your own collection libraries. 
Print your fashion design collection and create impressive portfolios.  


Upgrade this software with the Fashion Design Extras (Libraries) to get more ideas for your collections.
This upgrade includes a rich library with figurines  of pre-prepared garment parts, technical and illustration figures, technical details, samples, storyboard themes etc. that you can use to enhance your collections.
Use the available colour and fabric libraries for each season. 


This unique CAD Fashion Design system comes with built-in help menu and demo guidelines.  We also provide a couple of online training sessions to help you get familiarized with the tools and functions. 

Who is it for

This easy and affordable CAD system is ideal for fashion designers, freelancers and clothing companies who would like to create their own apparel collections accurately in the most effortless way.

Telestia Creator Fashion Design features:

  • A fully featured CAD programme.
  • Advanced tools to create and modify designs.
  • Easy drawing using the AB Fashion Design template.
  • Simplified tools and functions to draw, modify and adjust designs.
  • Easy to use working area, with zoom, measuring and design tools.
  • Arrange and organise your designs in layers.
  • Work on multiple designs simultaneously.
  • Create your own style library.
  • Import EPS files and many images (jpg, gif, png, bmp, pcx, and more).
  • Imports files from most competitor CAD software.
  • Print.
  • Scan designs and images.
  • Creative design
  • Virtual Fitting (moulage) on made to measure figures
  • Technical Drawing
  • Fit fabric design
  • Built-in help and ready examples.
  • Multi-language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek

Special offer for all our students at 40% discount.
Students that can claim this discount must have been registered at either one of the following courses:

Course Information

Product Software
Course Title Telestia Creator: Fashion Design
2 online sessions with a Tutor

Built-in help menu with animated demo guidelines

You will receive


Online Tutor
Software license
Online Access
Fashion Design skills required
Tuition fees £840.00

Course DEMO


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