Pattern Grading

Graders let's get back to creating garments with a real understanding of the body beneath.
- Alice Prier (UK)

Pattern Grading full course

Study online and learn pattern grading for men's, women's and children's clothes

Course Description

Take this online course and learn pattern grading that gives accurate fit in all sizes. With one simple procedure get professional patterns quickly and accurately.

If you have mastered the skill of pattern cutting you can now learn how to grade any basic or styled block with a unique patented methodology (Telestia & AB). You will study the theory and skills to grade patterns 3Dimensionally and accurately in up to 7 sizes with one simple procedure!

The grading course provides the next level of skills after pattern cutting. Never before has pattern grading been so easy, fun and accurate!


The pattern grading course starts from the basic theory of how the body grows in size and covers market size charts, cardinal points and a variety of grading increments.

You will learn how to apply pattern grading to a wide variety of styled blocks covering Women’s, Men’s and Children’s clothes, including separate garment parts (Collars, Blouses, Sleeves, Dresses, Jackets, Coats, Trousers, Lingerie).

The full programme for Pattern Grading contains three complete sections:

You can study each section as a separate complete course. However, if you choose to study the full course you will benefit from reduced tuition fees.

The full grading course includes the following modules:

  • STYLES (47)

You will receive

When you register for the online pattern grading course you will be given access to the Online Learning Space where you will see and study your lessons, you will also receive by post the pattern grading AB template and tools. An Online Tutor will be assigned to help you with your learning process. The course is generally hands-on and as you progress you can send your work (through the Online Learning Space) to your Tutor, who will monitor your progress and provide you with feedback on your work.

The courses are organized in Learning Packages that show you what to expect from each learning batch that you will study.

Unique learning methodologies

The Fashion Express Learning Pattern Grading online courses are unique because:

  • They teach accurate pattern Grading quickly and easily.
  • You will learn the specific theory and get the skills for accurate 3D grading, which is critical for good fit in grading womenswear garments.
  • We give you the tools and means to get quality results & professional skills, in pattern grading
  • You can work online and study at your own time, in your own space.
  • We provide tutor support from our pool of specialized tutors with extensive experience and skills.
  • You will have the chance to study grading on a large variety of designs and styles (blouses, dresses, skirts, trousers, jackets & coats, lingerie) specially selected for training with all the required details analyzed to help you master the art of pattern grading.

The course is suitable for individuals wishing to develop these skills for a career, for those who would like to advance their skills in pattern cutting and move to the level of Pattern Grading for their own professional use.

It is also for use by Colleges and Institutes of Further Education to supplement their curriculum and offer students alternative study medias facilitating the tutors’ job.

Course Information

Product Software
Course Title Pattern Grading full course
Certificate of Attendance

85 incl. womenswear, menswear & childrenswear

You will receive

Access to Online Learning Space and Pattern Grading Template AB, Yellow Ruler AB, Curved Ruler AB and Flexi Ruler AB

Online Tutor
20 weeks
Online Access
20 weeks
Requires pattern cutting knowledge
Tuition fees £690.00


You can view your lessons even after the official duration of your online access. Additionally you can order the course content in CD format, at a minimum price for all online students, and get limitless access to tour lessons.

Pattern Grading Full Course
NamePattern Grading Full Course
Includes203 incl. womenswear, menswear & childrenswear
Fees£705,00 £150,00 discount

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