Our Approach

Study online fashion & clothing step-by-step

Fashion Express Learning, is a global online network that provides eLearning in fashion and clothing.

The training courses are based on the Telestia and AB eLearning packages developed by a partnership of European Colleges and Universities, using interactive multimedia for self-training on pattern making, fashion design, sewing and the structure and process of a virtual clothing factory.

When you register for an online course with Fashion Express Learning you will be given access to the Online Learning Space where you will be able to view and study your lessons. Connect to the Internet and view your lessons from your terminal with your student login details.

Where required you will be sent the relevant AB Template that correlates to your course.

The courses are organised in a modular way and each component (daily lesson) is a building block of the full course.

The full course is structured in Learning Packages which you will consult as you progress, these:

  • show what to expect from each learning batch that you will study, and show which path to follow in your study course,
  •  explain the learning objective from each Learning Package,
  •  suggest how you should practice and what kind of exercises to hand in, and
  •  indicate when you have to complete each module.

An Online Tutor will be assigned to you to guide you through your Fashion Express Learning experience. Your Tutor will answer any questions, monitor your progress and evaluate your assignments and contributions.

If you wish to continue to have access to your lessons even after the official duration of your online access you can get the online courses in CD format, at a minimum price for all online students, and get limitless access to your lessons. You can do that either when you register, or at any time during your studies. (See the optional material where available in a course).

The Fashion Expresss Learning online courses, greatly accelerate learning as the animations and interactive procedures included demonstrate all the processes and procedures of pattern drafting, fashion drawing and sewing in a simplified, easy to understand and easy to learn way.