Fashion Design

Without having a talent in drawing I learned how to make accurate designs and illustrations and sell my designs easier.
- Eva Priska (GR)

Fashion Design Full Course

Online Fashion Design course. Learn how to create your own fashion design collections and illustrations

Course Description

Study Fashion Design online and become a professional designer. Learn how to make your own fashion designs and communicate your ideas in the fashion industry effectively.
You will be able to learn fashion design even if up to now you didn’t think you had the skills.
This course is based on the Telestia & AB methodologies that take you step by step from the beginning into learning how to express your design ideas and making designs that you never even thought possible.  From drawing and dressing the human figure, to technical drawing and fashion illustration and creating professional collections.


The Fashion Design course provides training in 10 areas through a unique multi awarded training methodology:

  • Basic Figure drawing and poses (Women, Men, Children)
  • Drawing garment parts (Terminology)
  • Decorative details (Terminology)
  • Drawing a dressed figure
  • Technical drawing of garments and garment details with respect to pattern making principles
  • Design principles to understand the theory behind creative design
  • Body shape identification and flattering techniques
  • Accessories (shoes, bags, jewelry, hats etc.)
  • Illustration tips to enhance your drawing skills with shade, colour and a great variety of illustration techniques.
  • Development of a fashion design Collection

The full online Fashion Design course contains all these modules in two sections. You can study both or either, depending on which area you want to specialize in. These sections are:

You will receive

When you register for the online fashion design course you will be given access to the Online Learning Space where you will see and study your lessons, you will also receive by post the fashion design AB template. An Online Tutor will be assigned to you to help you with your learning process. The course is generally hands-on and as you progress you can send your work (through the Online Learning Space) to your Tutor, who will monitor your progress and provide you with feedback on your work.

The courses are organized in Learning Packages that show you what to expect from each learning batch that you will study.

Unique learning methodologies

With the Fashion Express Learning Fashion Design you will get an online course based on unique methodologies because:

  • You can start learning how to design from the beginning without any prior knowledge of fashion design or drawing
  • You can study online with a simple training methodology that has been available for over 45 years and has been tested and used by thousands all over the world with excellent results.
  • They allow you to study Fashion Design and learn how to create your own designs in a short time, with no frustration, no disappointment.
  • We provide online tutor support from our pool of specialized tutors with extensive experience and skills.
  • There is no limit to your fashion design ideas you will learn how to create your own styles and how to bring your ideas to life.
  • By the time you complete the course you will be able to design your own collections.

The course is suitable for individuals wishing to develop their fashion design skills for a career in fashion, for those who would like to draft and design for their own personal use, and also for use by Colleges and Institutes of Further Education to supplement their curriculum and offer students alternative study media, facilitating the tutor’s job.

Course Information

Product Software
Course Title Fashion Design Full Course
Certificate of Attendance

95 lessons - Technical Drawing, Creative Design

You will receive

Access to Online Learning Space and Fashion Design Template AB

Online Tutor
20 weeks
Online Access
20 weeks
All levels
Tuition fees £710.00


You can view your lessons even after the official duration of your online access. Additionally you can order the course content in CD format, at a minimum price for all online students, and get limitless access to tour lessons.

Fashion Design Full Course
NameFashion Design Full Course
Includes203 incl. womenswear, menswear & childrenswear
Fees£640,00 £150,00 discount

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