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There are few people today that see clothes design and construction and pattern design as a craft... it is one of the most satisfying activities I have ever come across. :) - Adri Van Der Zel (Australia)

Level 2 Telestia Diploma in APD

Study online and get the professional Telestia Diploma Level 2 in APD

Course Description

Study online at Fashion Express Learning and get professional qualifications for your studies in Clothing and Fashion.


With just one year of study you can gain the Level 2 Telestia Diploma in Fashion Product Development (Apparel Product Development).

The Level 2 Telestia Diploma in Apparel Product Development focuses equally on fashion design and pattern making for women’s clothing with basics on sewing.
The course is based on the multi awarded Telestia & AB methods that allow to get practical hands-on training and sound craftsmanship in the skills of making and designing clothes. 


With the Telestia Diploma (Level 2) in Apparel Product Development program you will study the following modules:

You can learn how to create any Fashion Design with the help of modern technology, animation, videos and clear step-by-step instructions at the comfort of your home. You will study figure drawing, clothing design and fashion illustration. At the end of the course you will be able to make your own collections.

Learn the skills of Pattern Making for personal and industrial sizes, quickly and accurately, and gain a professional Certificate for your qualifications. With this course you will study all the parts of women’s clothing, including blouses, shirts, skirts, dresses trousers, jackets and coats.

You will learn the basics of Sewing seams and stitches, techniques and applications to make beautiful garments.

You will be amazed with how much you will learn and be able to accomplish in this short period of time.

Possible career paths

  • Tailor
  • Fashion Designer
  • Product Development
  • Clothing Designer
  • Technical Assistant in Fashion
  • Pattern Maker

You will receive

When you register for a Fashion Express Learning online course, you will be given access to the online Learning Space where you will be able to view and study your lessons online*. You will also receive by post the corresponding templates to your course (i.e. Pattern Making AB Template, Fashion Design AB Template).
This unique online experience for the Diploma course provides the flexibility of time and location. You can study the Diploma in APD from home or from the office, at your own pace, in your own time.
The courses are organized in Learning Packages that show you what to expect from each learning batch that you will study. The Learning Packages will:

  • show which path to follow in your study course,
  • explain the learning objective from each Learning Package,
  • suggest how you should practice and what kind of exercises to hand in, and
  • indicate  when you have to complete each module.

An Online Tutor will be assigned to you to guide you through your Fashion Express Learning experience. Your Tutor will answer any questions, monitor your progress and evaluate your assignments and contributions.

At the end of the course, you will take the tests to receive the Diploma in APD (Level 2).

* OPTIONAL MATERIAL: In addition to your online registration, you can continue to have access to your lessons even after the official duration of your online access. Order the online courses at a minimum price for all online students, and get limitless access to your lessons. You can do that either when you register, or at any time during your studies.

Tuition Fees

Payment in full (5% discount)
Year 1

NameLevel 2 Telestia Diploma in APD
Includes36 weeks online tutor support.                  
Original Fees£1445,00   (-5% discount)= £1370,00

Alternative Payment Plan

NameLevel 2 Telestia Diploma in APD Week 1
Includes16 Weeks online tutor support
97 lessons - Technical Drawing, Creative Design
You will receiveAccess to Online Learning Space Fashion Design,
Fashion Design Template AB

NameLevel 2 Telestia Diploma in APD Week 16
Includes16 Weeks support
116 lessons - Pattern Making: Skirts & Trousers, Blouses, Jackets & Coats, Dresses.
You will receiveAccess to Online Learning Space Pattern Making,
Pattern Making drafting Template AB

NameLevel 2 Telestia Diploma in APD Week 28
Includes4 Weeks support
51 lessons - Sewing: garment operations, garment cases, lining cases, interlining cases, pressing operations, seams and finishes.
You will receiveAccess to Online Learning Space Sewing

TOTAL throughout the year: £1445,00

Course Information

Product Software
Course Title Level 2 Telestia Diploma in APD
Telestia Diploma

97 of Technical Drawing, Creative Design,

116 of Pattern Making L1,

51 of Sewing Techniques

You will receive

Access to Online Learning Space , Online tutor support, 22 Learning Packages, 2 Relevant Course Templates

Online Tutor
36 Weeks
Online Access
60 Weeks
All levels
Tuition fees £1,370.00


You can view your lessons even after the official duration of your online access. Additionally you can order the course content in CD format, at a minimum price for all online students, and get limitless access to tour lessons.

Fashion Design Full Course
NameFashion Design Full Course
Includes97 lessons incl. Technical Drawing, Creative Design
Original Fees£410,00 with discount is:
Pattern Making Full Course
NamePattern Making Full Course
Includes203 incl. womenswear, menswear & childrenswear
Original Fees£680,00 with discount is:
Sewing Full Course
NameSewing Full Course
IncludesIncludes 59 garment operations, 9 garment cases, 6 lining cases, 29 interlining cases, 107 pressing operations, 35 seams and finishes
Original Fees£510,00 with discount is:

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