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Join other amazing talented people, who learned how to turn their ideas in real fashion products.

Fashion Design Technical Drawing
is the Art of seeing you ideas realized.

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Give life to your ideas, Extend your design potential.?
Do you wish your ideas could be brought to reality, but you find it difficult to communicate?
Through the Telestia Fashion Design Technical Drawing Course, you will be able to bring your own designs to reality.

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As a Fashion and Clothing Designer.

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Your Design Communication Skills offer many career & job opportunities worldwide, with very promising salaries.

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The Possibilities Are Endless.

The Easy
Learning Method

Fashion Design Technical Drawing

Fashion Design

How to match you ideas with body shape and communicate them accurately for realisation.

Lay Planning

Technical Drawing

Match ideas with Body Shape, and Styles with Garment Details, for easy communication.


Understand them and learn how to show technical details for communication and accurate style interpretation.

Styles & Garment Details

Understand them and learn how to show them for accurate ideas interpretation

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Mac OS

Approved by The Textile Institute

The mission of The Textile Institute is to promote professionalism in all areas associated with the textile industries worldwide.

The main central functions are the provision of an operational framework and the maintenance of quality, in regard to professional qualifications and the spread of information to members and others.

Certificate obtained with Full Pattern Making Course


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The Fashion Express Dynamic and Realistic
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Pattern Making Course

How are the courses presented?
The courses are presented visually with interactive animation through a combination of video, animation and text. Through the use of multimedia, you will be learning-by-doing.
You will learn how to draw design and style details. You will learn how to identify body parts and shapes and how to enhance and dress each. You will learn how to communicate style and technical details accurately, always related to the construction of the garment and the fabric in a manner that is speedy, simple and accurate.
You will also learn about presenting your style details in the pose and way that shows it best. One of our Tutors will be responsible for you as your online Tutor. You can communicate with your Tutor to send assignments, get work evaluation, and ask questions about the course.

What is the total price of the course to obtain a diploma?
With any course that you complete you will get the Certificate of completion from eTelestia.
In addition, there are the approved/accredited Diploma's by the Textile Institute. These may lead to the Litentiateship degree if you follow the relevant process.In this case your credits of these short courses will be considered towards it.

I am located outside Europe. Will there be a problem sending the materials here?
eTelestia has students all over the world. Delivery runs through regular post or courier service. Packages are sent and delivered to any location.

How long do you think it will take for my package to arrive?
Normally, it takes between between 3 to 5 days with courier service and up to 15 working days with regular post.

I am a total beginner and have no experience in Pattern Making nor Fashion Design. Is this course for me?
Absolutely! The course is suitable for beginners, it starts from first principles with easy step-by-step practical instructions.
However, even if you already have some experience you will greatly benefit from this course because it allows you to built on the basic principles very quickly and move on to more advanced concepts and techniques to perfect your skills.
Progressively, you will acquire the expertise of making personalised patterns and styles for all sizes and all types of figures.

I am interested in this course - I have a Mac with MacOS Mojave - is this ok?
Yes, it is.